April 20-21 2000


The seminar was carried out by the Scientific-Education
Center of the Russian Institute of Cultural Studies
of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Organizing committee of conference-seminar:

   Rakhaev Anatoly Izmailovich – assistant to the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation (chairman of Organizing Committee)
   Byhovskaya Irina Markovna – director of the Scientific-Education Center of the Russian Institute of Cultural Studies (vice-chairman of organizing committee)
   Alexandrova Ekatherina Yakovlevna – assistant of Chief of Department of Education and Scientific Information Policy, Ministry of Culture
   Kitov Yuri Valentinovich – Rector of Moscow State University of Culture and Arts
   Razlogov Khiril Emilievich – Director of the Russian Institute of Cultural Studies (RICS)
   Troshin Andrey Alexeievich – Distinguished scientific associate of the RICS
Schedule of conference

April 20 – Plenary meetings

   Seminar for contributors.
   Lectures by head scientists, experts in the field of learning culture.

April 21 – Sectional meetings

   Lectures by scientists, participants of conference. Discussion of presented reports.
   Final plenary meeting.

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1-st plenary meeting

Chairman: assistant of Minister of Culture of Russian Federation, Doctor of Fine Art, Professor Rakhaev Anatoly Izmailovich
Co-chairman: director of the Scientific-Education Center of Russian Institute of Cultural Studies, doctor of philosophy, professor Byhovskaya Irina Markovna
   1. Chairman's introductory address.
   2. Razlogov Khiril Emilievich, doctor of fine art, professor, director of RICS
"Main problems and tendencies of development in modern Cultural Studies".
   3. Razin Vadim Markovich, doctor of philosophical sciences, professor, Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences
"Social-scientific and humanitarian Cultural Studies".
   4. Mezhuev Vadim Mikhailovich, doctor of philosophical sciences, professor, Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences
"Philosophy of culture in the system of current knowledge about culture".
   5. Shulepova Eleonore Alexandrovna, doctor of culture, deputy director of RICS
"Interactions between museum and society: problems of learning".
   6. Cantor Vladimir Karlovich, doctor of philosophical sciences, professor, Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences
"Cultural Sciences and modern literary process".
   7. Kuznetsova Tatiana Feodorovna, doctor of philosophical sciences, professor, chairman of Scientific-Metodological Committee on Cultural Studies of Ministry of Education of Russian Federation
"Derivation as the system of translation of knowledge about culture".
   8. Lomakina-Rumyantseva Maria Borisovna, assistant of editor in chief of the newspaper "Culture"
"Competition as a factor in development of modern culture".
II-d plenary meeting

Chairman: doctor of Cultural Studies, assistant to Chief of Department of Education and Scientific-information, Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation Alexandrova Ekatherina Yakovlevna
Co-chairman: director of the Scientific-Education Centre of Russian Institute of Cultural Studies Byhovskaya Irina Markovna

   1.Chairman introductory word.
   2. Byhovskaya Irina Markovna, doctor of philosophical sciences, professor, RICS
"Cultural Studies: contexts of development, modes of contingency".
   3. Rabinovich Vadim Lvovich, doctor of philosophical sciences, professor, RICS
"The person in culture: images and templates".
   4. Gachev Georgiy Dmitrievich, doctor of philological sciences, professor, Institute of Slavic and Balkan Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
"National image and culture".
   5. Hrenov Nicolai Alexandrovich, doctor of philosophical sciences, professor, State Institute of Fine Art
"Principles of subcultural stratification in historical researches of culture".
   6. Akopjan Leon Aganesovich, doctor of fine art, State Institute of Fine Art
"Music conducting on the threshold of the XXI century".
   7. Bogemskaya Xenia Georgievna, doctor of fine art, State institute of Fine Art
"Modern art practice and non-traditional forms of creativity".
   8. Ignatjeva Elizabeth Leonidovna, doctor of economic sciences, professor, director of Central Scientific Institute of Culture
"Economic policy of the state in the sphere of culture".
   9. Gorbunova Anna Victorovna, chief of section of Scientific-Research Concern, Informculture
"Information products and services of Scientific-Research Concern Informculture".

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I-st sectional meetings

Common theoretical and methodological problems of cultural study.
Modern problems of learning in history of culture.

   Chairman: doctor of philosophical sciences, professor Kuznetsova Tatiana Feodorovna

   1. Avanesov Yu.M. (Moscow) "Analysis of modern lines of self-regulation of cultural processes".
   2. Vasiliev A.G. (Moscow) "Dialectic of possibility and impossibility in welfare process".
   3. Gabarova L.H. (Grozniy) "National self-consciousness and its reflection in culture".
   4. Gorjainov D.A. (Moscow) "Welfare analysis of the phenomenon of authority".
   5. Guschina E.A. (Volgograd) "The question on periodization in the history of culture".
   6. Derjabina E.G. (Moscow) "Target causality in cultural science".
   7. Erjomenko A.G. (Krasnodar) "Changes in civil development on Taman".
   8. Zuykov V.S. (Moscow) "Correlating objective and subjective in the dynamics of cultural-historical jump".
   9. Istjagina-Eliseieva E. A. (Voronezh) "The Image of woman in mass media: historical-cultural analysis of the press from the 1860's to the 1920's".
   10. Kostereva O.A. (Moscow) "The Image of the Enemy in the domestic political culture during the period of Cold War".
   11. Lukjanov D.V. (Moscow) "Welfare definiteness of modern historical knowledge".
   12. Medvedev D.A. (Moscow) "Culture of authority: from professional culture to aesthetics of management".
   13. Mironov E.V. (Moscow) "Aboliton of serfdom in Russia as a subject of cultural research".
   14. Mohammad Aslam (Moscow) "The Influence of cultural tradition on the development of Afghanistan in XXI century".
   15. Rodionova O.V. (Moscow) "The Creation of A Cultural Elite: the Decembrist Movement".
   16. Roschenja D.A. (Moscow) "The Image of the Tsar in 19th century Russian mass culture".
   17. Rezanova N.I. (Vladimir) "Ideals of beauty and health in historico-cultural context".
   18. Trifonov A.G. (Moscow) "Authority in cultural space".
   19. Hilko N.F. (Omsk) "The Role and place of Cultural Studies in the system of scientific knowledge".
   20. Chernova E.V. (Magnitogorsk) "About some aspects of the effect of the musical arts on the development of popular culture".
   21. Chechel I.D. (Moscow) "Crisis of historical science: at the crossroad of opinion".

II-d sectional meetings

History of art in context of modern humanitarian knowledge.
Problems of saving cultural heritage

   Chairman: doctor of philosophical sciences Troshin Andrey Alexeievich
   1. Vasiljeva J.V. (Moscow) "Self-consciousness and the Baroque in 18th - 20th century European culture".
   2. Glazkov M.N. (Moscow) "Modern insights on the history of Russian libraries during NEP (New Economic Policy)".
   3. Djyakonova Yu.B. (Moscow) "The question of painting techniques of the foremen of the "Diamond Jack" group".
   4. Zharova I.N. (Moscow) "DOOS and cultural paradigm of post-modernism".
   5. Ivanov-Snejko D.P. (Moscow) "Aesthetic perception as the fast process".
   6. Ignatjeva T.I. (Moscow)"Urban celebratory culture at the end of XIX - beginning of XX centuries".
   7. Kalashnikov N.G. (Moscow) "Semantics of architectural spaces".
   8. Martynov O.V. (Moscow) "Aesthetics of the Christian canticle".
   9. Necrasova I.M. (Astrakhan) "The Phenomenon of silence in artictic context of modern culture".
   10. Nikolaev K.A. (Moscow) "The Orthodox church interior: specifity of learning of non-museum assemblies".
   11. Palikova T.V. (Ulan-Ude) "Celebratory culture of cities of the Lake Baikal region in the second half of XIV-XX centuries".
   12. Stetsenko E.D. (Moscow) "Local museums and the saving of cultural-historical heritage: multiculturalism and the transformation of Russia".
   13. Fesenko E.V. (Moscow)"Musical genre as reflection of the typological tendencies in artistic culture: example of opera of XIX century)".
   14. Frolov I.A. (Moscow) "Introduction of conflict structure to frameworks of regional welfare project".

III sectional meetings

Information-analytical support of researches in the field of culture.
Application researches and developments in welfare sphere

   Chairman: doctor of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer Kitov Yuri Valentinovich

   1. Anashkina N.A. (Moscow) "Subculture and young women in a changing society".
   2. Birjukov P.B. (Moscow) "Welfare research of students' reading in context of humanitarian derivation".
   3. Gorbacheva V.V. (Moscow) "Identification in context of transformation of values".
   4. Vatolina E.Yu. (Moscow) "Social institutes of compilation of traditions (on example of Japan)".
   5. Dobroradnyh M.B. (Moscow) "Health and image in value orientations of modern students".
   6. Ivashkin S.N. (Moscow) "Phenomenon of deviant culture".
   7. Kononova M.N. (Moscow) "Tradition of Moscow University in understanding of intelligentsia of the Russian Diaspora".
   8. Laschuk E.Ya. (Moscow) "Compilation of cultural values by means of mass media: regional aspect".
   9. Ledenjov V.V. (Moscow) "Psycologo-pedagogical conditions of optimization of welfare level of the family by methods of social pedagogic".
   10. Lutsky A.G. (Moscow) "Components of self-identification in system of national derivation in Moscow".
   11. Majorov O.V. (Moscow) "Cultural aspects of Public Relations activity".
   12. Maljavkina E.E. (Moscow) Experience of culturalization of average derivation (on example of Moscow school #579".
   13. Markelova L.N., Kudrjavtseva T.V. (Sterlitamak, Moscow) "Creation of professional culture during vocational training: a regional aspect".
   14. Misikhin V.P. (Moscow) "Humanitarian derivation: a new paradigm".
   15. Misharina I.K. (Moscow) "Self-identification as a factor in national self-consciousness".
   16. Popey-ool S.K. (Moscow) "The Basis of typology of technology of cultural-spare activity".
   17. Sevastjyanova S.S. (Astrakhan) "Perspective of the use of video technologies in the distribution of cultural values".
   18. Trelin Yu.A. (Volgograd) "Cultural aspects of advertising".
   19. Shejanova I.A. (Moscow) "Modern humanitarian derivation and problem of compilation of basic knowledges".