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Mikhail Rityaev


Mikhail Rityaev was born in 1946, 12th of February, in Pyatikhatki village of Dnepropetrovsk region (Ukrain).
He graduated from studio named by Nemirovich-Danchenko of the Moscow Academic Art Theatre (scenic faculty). Scene-designer, painter, sculptor.
Up to 1971 worked as scenic painetr in Dnepropetrovsk. Then moved to Moscow. Worked as chief scenic painter in Moscow Hermitage theatre.
Freelancer from 1976.

Artworks of Mikhail Rityaev are in Lvov Museum of Ukranian Art, Tyutchev's Country-House Estate Muranovo, Regional Museum of Fine Arts of Voronezh, Museum of Vologda, as well as in Karen Berne gallery (London), 369 gallery (Edinburgh), Zaibelman gallery (Mainz), and in the private collections in Russia, USA, Japan, Finland, Germany.

Lives and works in Moscow and Dnepropetrovsk.