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      Boris Gusev was born in Riga (Latvia) in 1963 into a family of sea captains. Since 1983 he has been living in Moscow. The artist started his career in the Apollo theatre in the town of Yurmala (Latvia). The artist's works have been exhibited in the Yugoslavia, Finland and USA. Recently 67 of his paintings were purchased by the Swedish company SPB1. In November-December 1991 the Teen-Art Association, which is sponsored by the Rus Ltd., organized an exhibition of Boris Gusev's work in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. Boris Gusev is the first artist to have his works on display in the Palace's Coat-of-Arms Hall.
      Boris Gusev's artistic credo is a fragmentary representation of inner space interrelated with the surface of a canvas. His works evoke a broad spectrum of emotions. His art is picturesque and full of kindness and fantasy. Aside from his skill with color, it is the philosophical content of Gusev's works that appeal to art lovers. Gusev's own favorite painters are Leonardo da Vinci, Breugel and Cezanne.

T. Kokoeva