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Vladimir Borzov


Vladimir Borzov was born on the 19th of July 1954, in Moscow, Russia in the working family.

From the very early age he loved to paint or just visiting art galleries. Vladimir is a romantic dreamer with bohemian persona. This man is capable to withstand any failures and still being able to survive under the difficult working conditions due to the reconstruction of Russian Governmental structure. He still was able to become one of the famous Russian artists of the new century.

When he was 18 he withdrew from Moscow Art University, so he could serve the Soviet Army. When he returned from the army, Vladimir made the decision to receive a technical education and he graduated with the engineering degree.

As a person Vladimir is very shy and he hardly ever told to his colleagues about his degree. He worked as a metal craftsman and milling machine operator despite his engineering degree. He had his own business.

He was able to excel at every work endeavor during the day and at night after work he would go into his room and create his art until the deep night.

He gave it all to his art and his hands were creating incomprehensible for that period of time paintings, in which he would interweave the theme of romanticism and fantasy. This theme was too new for the understanding, but would still delight your eye and impress by the fantastic range of colors. Finally, fate found our hero in Germany.

While he was in Germany he painted in his hotel room during those free hours between the business-negotiations, and would continue in the evening once everything would calm down in the hotel. The owner of the hotel, where he stayed, saw his work and was delighted by his paintings. She rushed to propose a new condition for Vladimir to stay in the hotel. She was hoping for three nature paintings as a gift and then Vladimir could live in the hotel for free.

From that moment on Vladimir's life would take a sharp turn for better. He fell into the rotation of the exhibitions and galleries. For the first time he demonstrated his paintings in Luxembourg (in September 1991), then exhibition in Dusseldorf and Cologne (October-November 1991). And within a month or two he received an invitation to exhibit his work at the exhibition in Stockholm (October 1992).

The Representatives of one of the American Art galleries for the first time have noticed an exceptionally talented artist Vladimir Borzov in Germany and have invited him to show his work in Las Vegas exhibition (1997). That was a success!

After all the expositions in Europe and in North America, Vladimir has presented his work in Moscow Art Gallery "Soz Creation" (September 16 — September 30, 2003), where he conducted two original artistic exhibitions. The exhibition named "Journey within you" was a great success and Vladimir had declared his name in the world of Modern Art. Even today his works brings happiness, enjoyment and the sensation of light to people.

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