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I participated in majority of all-Union, republican, zone periodic exhibitions, which all hard to list, hard to recollect different anniversaries of the country, like "40-anniversary of Komsomol" or like this that were themes to exhibitions until the Soviet Union has fallen down.
The first personal exhibition was held in Academy of applied arts on Kropotkinskaya street in time of Chruschev's spring in 1956. And second - thirty years later, already during Perestroyka, in gallery of Moscow Union of Artist (MUA) on Vavilov street in 1987. Third personal - in gallery of MUA on Krymsky Val, five years later - in 1992.
Personal exhibitions abroad, first - by the invitation of the architect of dr. Hoffman opened gallery "Theatrical passage" in 1992 in Leipzig. Other personal exhibitions have passed in same 1992 in Tver, in gallery of Museum of fine arts.
In the beginning of 90th Alexander Gleser has organized several so-called "Bulldozer exhibitions", in which I participated together with V. Lemport:

gallery in Belyaevo in 1990;
"Other art" in Central House of Artist in 1991;
two "Bulldozer exhibitions" on Gogolevsky parkway in 1993-1994.

Further I was exposed at exhibitions arranged by A. Gleser practically is constant.

  • 1993
    July-September - "Modern Russian Graphics", Gallery "Krymsky Val", Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia
    December - "Modern Russian nature morte, portrait, landscape", Gallery "Krymsky Val", Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia
  • 1994
    August - "Modern Russian Graphics and Sculpture", Nizhniy Novgorod fair, Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia
    November-December - Presentation of Museum of modern Russian art, Center of modern Russian culture, Vladivostok, Russia
  • 1995
    May - "Modern Russian art" exhibition and auction, Hotel Drouot, Paris, France
    September-October - Collection of A. Gleser, Museum of personal collections of Pushkin Museum of fine arts, Moscow, Russia
    November - "Metropolis and emigration", gallery ROSIZO, Moscow, Russia

    These exhibitions also were on display in branches of gallery of A. Gleser in New York and Paris, in Vladivostok, Nizhniy Novgorod, in other cities of Russia.

    Except others, some times took part in exhibitions of gallery "Krymsky Val" in Central House of Artist among them: "Sharp" (Japanese videoengineering), 1993; "From Caucasus up to Manhattan", 1995.
    Participated in 5 exhibitions of organization "HELP" in support of invalids in 1992-1994 organized by Shavelzon. Also took part in exhibitions under the program "Temple" organized in galleries of Manezh, Central House of Artist, in House of Army, museum of N.A. Ostrovsky and in House of Composers, were taking place in Moscow and St.-Petersburg in 1992-1994.
    From 1995 to 2000 years took part in exhibitions of Academy of applied Arts, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow Union of Artists (Kuznetsky Most), Central Exhibition Hall (Manezh), Central House of Artist (Krymsky Val), Central House of Workers of Arts in Moscow; an exhibition hall Manezh in St.-Petersburg.
    Was exposed in municipal and private galleries of Moscow and other Russian cities and also in private and municipal galleries of foreign cities: Leipzig, London, Bruxelles, Madrid, Frankfurt-On-Main, Miami.