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EARTHBURG: Pjotr Hohlovkin: Biography

Pjotr Hohlovkin

Born in 1959 in Moscow.
Graduated from Moscow Institute of Chemical Technologies in 1981.
1984, studied in A. Belashov's studio.
Takes part in exhibitions from 1986. Works as curator of animalistic exhibitions from 1995.

Main artworks: vanes of Moscow zoo, columns-candelabrums of Moscow Paleontological museum (in co-authorship with A. Belashov and V. Sidorov), big aquariums in All-Russian Exhibition Centre. More then 40 artworks of Pjotr Hohlovkin were bought by Russian (the State Tretyakov Gallery, Central Biological museum, Museum named by Titmiryazev, Darwin museum, Museum of hunting and fishing, etc.) and foreign museums.