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EARTHBURG : Irina Dubrovskaya : Biography
EARTHBURG : Irina Dubrovskaya : Biography

Irina Dubrovskaya

A kind of biography

Since during almost all my time in Berlin I was playing keyboards - and occasionally writing lyrics and singing - with the band Underwasser, as far as a lot of people were concerned, I simply vanished as a visual artist. The story of this group is in its own right worth recounting, and is hard to fail to mention because of its influence on my biography. I didn't abandon visual art for music though, and it didn't abandon me in this vale of tears between east and west, although I gradually stopped to differentiate between genres. If stories started to appear in the place of pictures and objects, then these were once again "animated metaphors", if this time in a different form. To me, equally, musical works are much the same as drawings or landscapes.