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1904  -  April 5 - was born in Korsakovo village near Nizhni Novgorod.

1918-20  -  Getting first art education in art-shops of Nizhni Novgorod.

1921  -  Resettlement in Moscow. Learning of painting, scenography and biomechanics in State institute of Cinematography. Works as graphic-designer, art critic and illustrator in the «Literaturnaya gazeta», «Evening Moscow» newspaper, and also as theatrical artist.

1933  -  First set of illustrations to the book of selected lyrics of Hungarian poet Anatoliy Gidash. First in 30-th years meeting with Tatlin.

1937-38  -  Illustrations to «Spanish diary» of Mikhail Kozlov.

1942-43  -  Studying in master-classes of Ulyanov, Mashkov and Konchalovsky.

1944  -  Familiarity with Tatlin gradually passes in art co-operation and share life. Common work as the artists of scenery and costumes for play of Tovstonogov at Central children's theatre and Theatre of «Mossoviet».

1953  -  Death of Tatlin. Beginning of 12 years work on cycle of illustrations to novels of Dostoevsky. First works of this cycle will be exposed in 1958 on an exhibition of Moscow Department of Union of Artists of RSFSR.

1966  -  Continuation of work on cycle to novels of Dostoevsky; per 60-s' years there is series «Memoirs about 1937», cycle «Children of Vietnam», completed about 1970. Above new graphics cycles to poetic books Alexandra Korsakova works in 70-s-80-s years on such cycles as: «Khlebnikov» (middle 70-s'), «Rainer Maria Rilke» (1977-79), «Marina Zvetaeva» (1976-84), «Baudelaire» «Master and Margarita» under the novel of Mikhail Bulgakov (since 1970, completed in 1984), - and also on sketches «Travel to GDR and France» and series «Kalininsky prospect» (1976-83).

1975-76  -  Works on series «Tatlin».

1980-83  -  Picturesque-graphics cycle «Spring in village» (1982-84). This cycle for the first time will be shown in 1983 on the author's exhibition in study of graphics of Pushkin's Museum of Fine Art in Moscow.

1984  -  New cycle under the name «Nuclear century».

1986  -  Alongside with series «Vladimir Vysotsky» (with 1986), beginning of the work on series «Break Dance» (1987-88), cycle «1000 years of Russian Orthodox Church - Christening of Rus in Kiev» (1988), «To poetry of Nikolay Klyuev» (since 1988).

1990  -  May 27 Alexandra Nikolaevna Korsakova has died in her apartment in Moscow.

Works of Alexandra Korsakova are in museums and private collections in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, London, Paris, Berlin, Dresden, Rostok and Cologne.