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Curriculum vitae

     Gustav Muller was born in 1933 into a family of Austro-Hungarian extraction.
     From 1941 till 1948 year he lived in a small wooden settlement near the Svezhenikaya railway station (on the junction of Ryazan and Mordvinian areas).
     In 1961 Muller completed studies at Stroganov's school of fine arts (diploma degree - project of the three keyboard musical instruments), and was engaged in decorating public buildings, executing ornamental panels using techniques of wall list and mosaic. He also undertook the study of music history, playing a clavecin, and is principally interested in the work of Bach and his predecessors.
     Muller travelled around the country, studying architectoral monuments of Russia and Transcaucasia, making photographs and painting from life.
     In 1982 Muller started to write verses. Since this time he has been constantly engaged in writng literary works and in painting.
     Unknown to the general public, Muller has in recent years experienced some health problems, and now lives quietly, where he continues to experiment with new artistic activities.