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Yury Belozersky


Born on December 19, 1966 in the town of Voronitsy, Ukraine.

1977 - the family moved to the "Ukrainian Switzerland", the city of Lubny.
1977-1981 - studied at Art School of Lubny.
1986 - entered Donetsk State Art School, studying painting.
1989 - moved to Novgorod the Great.
1992-1995 - founded and worked in the "Divo" Gallery as art-expert.
2001 - moved to Saint Petersburg (14th place of living).

At present time Belozersky works in several genres. First of all, painting, then: photography, video-art and making of objects. He also is involved in various contemporary art projects. The basic places of his experiments is his own house and garden, which after several years of work have become of the best reflection of the internal world of the artist. Proof of this is a small artificial mountain, a «Paradise tree», drawn telegraphic poles along the artist's street and also numerous artificial details in the natural environmental space. These additions, the artist considers, are necessary to give perfection to the view from his window.