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Aleksei Nadelyaev


I was born in 1969, 1st of February in Leningrad.

There I've lived, studied and worked. Graduated from Industrial Technical Secondary school, diploma of industrial technician. I travelled a lot over the country (USSR), I was carefree and happy. In 90th I spent a long funny time with my friends in the first Creative Factory Dom on Pushkinskaya 10. Took part in photo-sessions and making movies, those years for the first time I've taken in hands photo-camera of my father "Moskva-2" and start to photograph.

1995-99 lived in Yaroslavl.

Around 1996-97, founded myself as an artist, I've reviewed my collected knowledge of life and artificial experience and formulated for myself basic creative principles, staying firm up to now, love, beauty and harmony.

Since 1998 I live and work in Moscow. Main for me is to create artpieces in any available way.

Art style fusion of ethnic, natural and technogenic aethtetics, when spiritual and symbolic systems of East and West are mixing and gathering together.

I'm working in light objects, furniture, photography, painting, graphics, calligraphy, texts.

My care now is everywhere, and my happiness has become realized and endless.

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