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Marina Stepanova-Lanskaya born in East Siberia, in city Krasnoyarsk. Her family was musical: mather - professional musician, teacher of music school, father - engineer of economics of a large industrial workshop.
Since 12 years old Marina was engaged in children's art school named by Surikov, having finished which, has entered in middle art school. After graduating in 1981 of the middle art school has gained an invitation in art institute, which diploma has received in 1986.
Since 1992 she lives and works in Moscow.
Since 1996 she's a member of sculptural section of Moscow Union of Artists.
Artworks of Stepanova-Lanskaya are in museums of Moscow (ROSIZO, Museum of decorative applied art), Krasnoyarsk, Ratford (museum of ceramics), Gaudy (museum of ceramics), and also in private collections of Croatia, Holland, Great Britain, Sweden, France and Spain.