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Plate-ornamental schematism is an original style of applied art invented by Valerii Lopukhin in 1990. This is a new method and technique of painting and panels.

The concept is: picture or panel consists of the plates, which are grouped in sets by columns or rows. The form of the plates could be triangle, pyramid, square or any other, the surface could be either выгнутой or вогнутой. There are one, two or three simple straight lines or дуг on the surfaces of the plates. It creates ornament. Such ornamental lines are very simple and thus perfect. —южет of a picture is created by the lines by chance, it's impossible to foreview it. Creative process leagues from the possibility to see the сюжет to the possibility to represent it.

Form and placement of the plates could create second content of the picture, hide meaning, or make visible one stronger.

Volumes of parts and surfaces of the plates create different perceptions depending on angle of view or direction of light.