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Valerii Filinin


       I was born in 1956 in Moscow.
       Since 1971 till 1975 I had studied in Arts and Crafts College Abramtsevo.
       I work as professional carver over 30 years.
       I am a member of Union of Artists of Russia, section of Temple art.

       Using plastic means of wood I'm trying to make icons on the base of Old Russian Orthodox canon of icon. My icons are mostly for a house, not for a temple. I often work for private people, from time to time cathedrals and churchs order various kind of crosses.

       My works stay in private ownership in Russia, Italy, Belgium, Finland, United States. As well as in collections of Reserve Museum of Sergiev Posad (Russia), Museum of Basel (Switzerland), in the cathedral of St. Dominic in Urbino (Italy).

       I have restored iconostases in Spaso-Evfrosinievsky monastery in Polotsk (Belorussia), in Cathedral of Resurrection on Old Semeonovskoe cemetery in Moscow, in Cathedral of Virgin of Mercy on Ostozhenka str. in Moscow (Moscow Community of Old Believers), in the Cathedral of Annunciation Day in Pavlovskaya Sloboda of Moscow.

       I also took part in restoration work in Big Kremlin Palace (Andrejevsky Hall, Tsar thrones) in 1998 and in restoration work in Big Palace of Tsaritsino (Big Hall) in 2007.

       Currently I'm working in restoration-gilding workshop in Sergiev Posad, where I am living.

       You can make an order of any of represented or another artwork by phone +7 (903) 502 0322 or e-mail