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Vladimir Lemport

(12.07.22, Tambov 11.09.01, Moscow)

Sculptor, painter.
Graduated Moscow High Art School (Stroganovskoe) in 1950. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR since 1956. Author of many sculptural compositions and portraits ("Mikelangelo", "Nazim Khikmet", "Soktates", "Vladimir Visotsky", etc.). In co-authorship with Nikolay Silis has created monumental works, decorating buildings in cities of former Soviet Union and abroad. Among teamwork there are high relief on the building "Karakumstroy" in Ashkhabad (1967), relief on the building of embassy of the USSR in Athenes (1980), portal composition of hotel "Tourist" in Rostov-upon-Don (1978), volumetric sculpture "Solenoid of superstrong fields" (1969). Materials in which the sculptor worked, are diverse: stone, wood, metal, ceramics, concrete. Vladimir Lemport was engaged also in painting, literature, worked at cinema.