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ARTBURG: Dmitriy Svistunov: Performer’s short biography


Performer’s short biography

Since 1986: actor at the Orbita theatre studio led by Nadezhda Drozd and Kim Shashko. Winner of three prizes and diplomas at the Pushkin Student Poetry Contest held at Gubkin University, prize winner at the Student Spring contest in 1995.

1991: first poetry publication in Dalnevostochny Komsomolets newspaper.

1992: publication in the newspaper of the Church of Nativity of Theotokos in Old Simonovo, Moscow.

1996, 1997, 1999: diploma winner in the Poetry nomination of the Pushkin International Poetry Contest held at Gubkin University, published in Sovremennik, the magazine for this contest.

Had publications in ZhurNal StoLitsa, LiFFt and Gvideon magazines.

2000–2020: one of the authors and constant members of the Front Radikalnogo Iskusstva (Radical Arts Front, Front Radix) literary and musical foundation. Was published in two books of poetry by this remarkable foundation: Ludibrium and Deus Est Machina.

Now – back vocalist of the Raznuzdannye Voley band and lyrics author for its side project Tvyordy Vozdukh.

In my work, I mostly rely on early medieval scholasticism, hermetics, symbolism and emblematics; on the epic and mythology of different eras and cultures. I never date the poems at all.