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Valerii Lopukhin


Valerii Lopukhin was born in 1938 in Leningrad. Lives in Moscow since 1940.

Mother – Lopukhina V.V. – honored artist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, solist of ballet of Bolshoy Theatre, danced all prima parties of those times. Farther – Rokhlin Ya.G. – artcritic, doctor of pedagogical sciences, well known grossmeister, played important role in popularization of chess in the USSR.

Grandfather and grandmother were professional paiters. Grandfather worked as decorator in the Mariinsky Theatre of Saint-Petersburg, after Second World War worked as professor in the Moscow Institute of Architecture.

One of the Lopukhins - Lopukhin I.V. (1756-1816) was Moscow martinist, senator at the times of Ekaterina II.

Valerii Lopukhine – doctor of pedagigies, professor worked on the cathedra of Swimming of the Moscow Institute of Athletics during 36 years (70 science monographies, 9 patents, participation in writing of 2 books on swimming). Doctoral theses of Valerii Lopukhin were dedicated to the problems of increasing of adoptive level of astronauts using special accessories of swimming.

Valerii Lopukhin liked to draw from his early years, studied in the art-school of Tretyakov Gallery. In 1990 invented art technic, that could be defined in formal way as plate-ornamental schematism. Since 1990 had made in this techniń around 100 artworks, that were represented in different exhibitions.

Artworks of Lopukhin are in Russian private collections and abroad.

Contact phones: +7 499 978 2801 (private), +7 915 261 6400 (mobile).